Linnea has been teaching yoga and movement in Portland Oregon since 2014 and has been practicing various iterations of yoga since 2002. She received her initial 200 hour training from Allison Alstrom and completed her 300 hour training through The Bhakti Yoga Movement Center. She has studied yoga asana and Biodynamic Craniosacral Therapy with Todd Jackson, anatomy with Renee Sills (embodied astrology) and is currently deepening her studies in Yoga Philosophy with Kushi Malhotra.

Why I Teach

I teach yoga because I love it dearly and I delight in sharing this practice of connection and curiosity with others. I believe that mindful movement can be healing and empowering and that building a healthy relationship with our own bodies and minds can help us as we pursue healthy relationships with the people and circumstances around us. Since my early teens, yoga has been a secure and consistent source of support and grounding especially in times of stress and upheaval. My desire is to create communities that feel warm, supportive and expansive in which we can explore our humanness with compassion, humor and love.


On-Demand & Recorded Classes:
Bhakti Yoga Center

People’s Yoga

Private Lessons

I have a sliding scale of $90-$125 for an hour session + $25 if we are renting space from a studio.

Often I teach privates from the NE Killingswirth People's Yoga studio, though, depending on scheduling and location I am sometimes able to do house calls and can also do zoom sessions.

As well as the sessions themselves, I offer sequences that students can practice on their own (fun movement homework) in between the times we meet.

These classes are both enlightening and enormously fun! Whether you have specific injuries, mysterious discomforts, vague questions, or definitive goals, spending an hour or so, one on one, can help your practice grow and expand. 

Workplace Yoga

Movent classes for you and your team.

$125 for an hour class. 

$100 if it is a weekly class and not a one time event.

These are also available on site or online depending on scheduling and location.

Drop-In Class Schedule

Sunday10:30am-12:00pm Align & Flow @ The Bhakti Yoga Movement Center 
(in person and livestream)

5:30-6:45pm Hatha Flow @ The Peoples Yoga NE Killingsworth
(in person and livestream)

7:15-8:30pm Yin @ The Peoples Yoga NE Killingsworth
(in person and livestream)

Monday7:15-8:30pm Yin @ The Peoples Yoga (Online Only)

Wednesday12:00-1:00pm Align & Flow @ The Bhakti Yoga Movement Center  
(Online Only)

7:15-8:30pm Yin @ The Peoples Yoga  NE Killingsworth
(in person and livestream)

Friday5:30-6:45pm Hatha Flow @ The Peoples Yoga NE Killingsworth
(in person and livestream)


“Linnea is an incredible yoga teacher and person. She is patient, thoughtful, genuine and inspiring. Her classes are well considered and seamlessly tie storytelling, body awareness, meditation, and exercise together. I have taken yoga classes for over 10 years but did not embrace or understand yoga as part of my daily life until taking classes with her. Linnea's attentiveness to body awareness, anatomy, and enthusiasm for learning has had a profound effect on me. I try to take classes with her every chance I get. Her positivity, understanding of movement and love of teaching make her a joy to work with and learn from.”

- Emily Nachison

“Despite taking many classes over the years, a consistent yoga practice eluded me until I took my first class with Linnea. The dedication, intention, and joy that she brings to her classes is the foundation for my daily practice. Linnea brings authenticity, a love of movement, and personal insight to her classes. Although I know she prepares extensively for her classes, they do not feel rote, repetitive, or that boxes are being ticked. It feels as though she is along with us, excited and curious, as we discover the next movement. And that excitement is infectious.”

- Michael Endo

“Linnea’s love for this practice is contagious, which makes it a delight to attend her classes. Her teaching style is a playfully choreographed dance of traditional and non-traditional postures assisted with a detailed anatomy lesson exploring our felt senses. I truly appreciate any class that prompts me to muse over my body’s cells, organs and/or muscles to better understand my internal systems. Linnea offers a holistic approach to moving, strengthening and perceiving the body that fills me with just the right balance of physical and cerebral education.”

-Adrian E.
“Linnea is the best! I had been struggling with plantar fasciitis and posterior tibial tendon issues for over a year after the birth of my first kid. I had been working with a physical therapist who helped me strengthen the ankle, but every time I'd walk a meaningful distance, the same problems would flare up again.

Linnea and I worked together for 8 weeks. She taught me about the anatomy of not just my ankles but my whole walking skeletal system, and helped me develop awareness and mindfulness practices that enabled me to retrain and refocus the way I was moving - starting from the soles of my feet all the way up to how I hold my rib cage. As a result, I am now able to go for longer and longer walks without triggering the old injuries by using the tools she gave me for body and movement awareness. And I have remained injury free even through a second pregnancy and the associated weight gain and tendon weakening.

Work with her if you get the chance!!”

-Kate T.

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